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Bootstrap Sidebar & Sidebar Accordion Menu

Bootstrap is one of the most loved CSS framework used by web developers, but it has some shortcomings and one of this is an sidebar and an sidebar accordion menu.

I try to create a sidebar for Bootstrap only with bootstrap elements so any developer who want to use this app doesn't need to load other components to have access to this feature.

Bootstrap sidebar use localStorage, new modern concept to keep secure information in browser, to store active link.

Sidebar Accordion Menu

This is the main feature which make the goal of this application, sidebar menu are based on bootstrap accordion.

When web page is loaded, accordion menu leaves the sub-menu open if the sub-menu contains the current page link, making it very convenient for users to navigate through other items in the sub-menu, but with my modification this issue is solved.

Bootstrap Sidebar & Sidebar Accordion Menu come with 2 themes blue and orange, of course anyone can customize this from .css file

Sidebar Accordion Menu theme 01

Sidebar Accordion Menu theme 02